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Avalanche Ascent
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Avalanche Ascent
Created By Sumo148

Your objective is to see how far you can climb up the icy mountain using your trusty ice picks. You can also throw ice picks to destroy any oncoming hazards about to hit you. Use the arrow keys to move and the shift key to throw an ice pick. There are various hazards...

Ice Boulders: They fall down at downward angles
Icicile: Like the boulder but they fall straight down and don't bounce
Cracked Ice: If you try to climb over this you slide down a bit and points are subtracted from your height a bit
Clouds: they somewhat screen your vision of the mountain. Even though they are transparent, when there is a lot of them it can get annoying

The higher you get, the harder it gets. More clouds and other hazards. Also there are power-ups!
+ Health; + Ice Picks; Destroy; Speed.
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